Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I hit the magic number -- 108, to be exact. I'm sooo relieved. That little bridging scene? Uh, yeah... it turned out to be 1700 words worth of bridge. LOL. But I'm very happy with it -- intense, I hope. (g)

As you can see from the timestamp, I'm finishing _very late_. So, no read through tonight. I'm gonna print it out so I can get started right away tomorrow. I'd really like to have it cleaned up in the next day or two -- possibly pass it off to a couple of readers before sending. Right now, I'm thinking it's pretty good, tho.. HEH. That could be the late hour talking. (g) Most likely. lol.

Anyway -- off to bed I go. This takes a HUGE load off. *happy dance*


Carol said...

Way to go, Jen!! I know you're glad this is finished. It'll be nice when he says, 'Okay, finish it.' Woohoo!

Susan Adrian said...

You rock, Jen! Woo-hooo!


Jen said...


Oh yeah, that woul be nice. (g) Here's hopin'! :)


Jen said...


Thanks!! (s)