Friday, December 31, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My New Musical Crush

Holy bejeeps! I wish I had a voice like that. :)

Check her out... PLUMB. She's awesome.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Not Ready For Christmas!

Where did the time go? Seriously, where did it go? It seems like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving and now I'm staring down Christmas in just a few short days. I am SO not ready for it this year. In the worst kind of way.

1. I have a ton of shopping to do. I went out the other day for like three hours and only managed to get one gift for my family exchange here in town. ACK. I have to buy for my entire immediate family, not to mention not one, but TWO dirty Santa gifts for my extended family gift exchange. (I buy for my grandpa, too.) Jen+shopping do not a happy girl make.

2. I have a ton of cooking to do. THANK GOD I'm not responsible for anything major. But I do have to make my grandpa a double batch of what we call matza balls -- those yummy rice crispies/peanut butter/chocolate balls that are SO DANG good. They take FOREVER, but there's no getting out of the them. He's expecting them. (g) I also have to make an appetizer and dessert for my family party... and luckily, I've got the company party dish in the oven as I'm typing this.

3. I haven't watched enough Christmas movies... Nor have I listened to enough Christmas music!! BAH!! I feel like I'm skimping on both this year and it makes me very much unhappy.

4. Christmas means a new year is coming. YIKES. I look back at 2010 and realize I haven't accomplished anything I set out to do. LOL. NOT GOOD...but perhaps a new year isn't such a bad thing... hmmm.

Anyway -- I must squeeze in a few more movies. I've been on the hunt for It's a Wonderful Life and everywhere I go is sold out. Really want to add that one to my collection this year, but it doesn't seem it's going to happen.

Ohh...and the Kindle arrives tomorrow. Not that I'm opening it. Nope.. not gonna. :D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jen Comes Into This Century

Hey All!


Well, I know I've been quiet. Busybusybusy. Nano turned out to be a really great experience, but I didn't even come close to that 50K. Oh well. I did my best and still produced about 16000 words for WALKING IN SHADOW. It gave me some great direction on just where I think the book will go, and for that I'm very pleased. It was great getting back in the trenches and digging for those words. They hurt, yes, but there's nothing like coming out the other end with some actual pages to show for all that frustration. Some of them are even good. :)

A couple of very big things on my horizon:

1. I've officially started to move all of my FAKING IT files into Scrivener. Yes, that means it is officially back on the front burner. YAY. It's proving a little difficult because my filing system is a complete mess, but along the way I'm looking at bits here and there, thinking about things I might like to change, etc. I feel like this is a really good thing--using Scrivener. It isn't so much that I want to use it for its plotting capabilities, etc... it's that it will help keep me organized. (I hope) Having all of my scenes, etc in one centralized place where I won't get various versions confused (again, I hope) will be one huge step in the right direction.

2. My sister has sent me a Kindle for Christmas. It's winging its way toward me as we speak; should be here on Tuesday. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant about the idea at first, but then I thought...OMG, I'll be able to download like a bazillion free classics that I want to reread or have never read, and dude...they're FREE. lol. I actually went on Amazon today, picking through the titles to see what I might want to peruse first. Dude. DUDE. There's a book called THE BOOK OF WERE-WOLVES. (Has anyone read it??) It's supposed to have some really interesting stories about various werewolf myths and what not. I am SO getting it. I can't believe I didn't know about it before, actually. But yeah, I want, I want, I want!!

Another great thing is that I'll be able to do beta reads, or readthroughs of my own MS's with it. OMG. I can't wait. My sister said I couldn't open it until Christmas day. Cough. Yeah, I won't. *big wink*

This year has been a HUGE year for me on the techy front. Last May I got a Droid, which introduced me to the exciting world of texting. I used to say I would NEVER be a texter... uh yeah, I was wrong. Granted, I still think it's _extremely_ in the _UMPTEENTH_ degree kind of rude, to be whip out your phone and text while in the middle of a conversation with someone (or dinner, or in a movie theatre), so I try to never do that. SO RUDE, YO. Also, what's up with the texting while driving?? Dangerous, people! At least wait for a light. LOLOL.

So yeah, I'm all kinds of tech.

I'm really hoping to keep up with this blog a lot better than I have. I know I keep saying that and disappearing for months at a time, but I DO have the best of intentions. :) I miss all of my long lost peeps!! If you see this, drop in and let me know how you're doing, okay?