Thursday, August 16, 2007

Late Night!

Okay, seriously... I don't know what my problem is. LOL. I'm not in school right now, but for some reason I meander around all day and never really start working until 7 or 8 at night -- often times I'm too busy IM'ing my friends that I don't actually start _writing_ until midnight or after. Last night took the cake, though. I started playing this stupid addictive, OCD-inducing computer game, trying to collect my thoughts for writing. I played for HOURS. When I finally finished, I said NO, you are not allowed to go to bed until you get 1K of BTPM. You are officially forbidden to say you're too tired, because you brought this on yourself! Guys, I didn't start writing until _5 am_. Heavens.

The good news is that the words came pretty fast -- especially considering the low wattage I was working on at that point. In a little over an hour, I managed about 1100 words, and finally gave up when I found it too difficult to describe the little 10 by 10 room my MC found herself in. LOL. Yeah, when you can't find a way to describe something so simple -- you need to go to bed. So, off I went. Today I am VOWING to work on this dang thing until I get the loose ends tied up.

Another problem I'm having is this character I decided to introduce. He's important in book 2, but not really until then. Anyway, I wanted to introduce him for a little more depth in the book, and so that he doesn't come out of nowhere in book 2. He was supposed to only make casual appearances here and there -- no biggie, right?? WRONG. The boy is turning out to have one HELLUVA presence, and he wants stage time. This scene is turning out to be about 2 chapters worth of words. Yeah... not helping that spiraling out of control word count of mine. LOL. What's worse -- I wanted to strengthen the presence of the already existing characters. He's slowly taking over, though. LOL. Go figure.

I'm thinking I need to take some time and pound out a rough outline. Just so I can give this guy some kind of arc in this book. Right now, I'm not sure how to do that in the present storyline -- which means even MORE words. *bangs head on desk* But you know, I'm not going to get too upset -- I like what he's adding to the book. Now if only I could get the other characters on the stage, LOL.

I wonder how D.A. would take a 80K YA...maybe 90K.....heh...ahem.

What ever happened to my nice little idea for a SHORT YA???? First it turned into two books because I estimated it would take 120K to tell the story... now the first book could come close to reaching that -- and trust me, there HAS to be more than one book. Maybe I need to stop reading books by Meyer and Bray. LOL. They're both extremely long, but not the the norm by any means.

Oh well -- que sera.


Susan Adrian said...

[I'm not in school right now, but for some reason I meander around all day and never really start working until 7 or 8 at night]

LOL! Sounds like somebody's like me--you _need_ other pressure to write. Despite what I say I want (no job, just writing), I write best when other stuff is going on. {rolling eyes}

Jen said...


I think that may be it. *rolls eyes with you* My most productive time is right before finals begin... go figure. LOL. Wish I could bottle that pressure. (g)