Sunday, August 12, 2007

Out For The Day

It's nothing major. I'm going to a movie in Omaha with a couple of friends -- Becoming Jane. Much to our horror, it isn't playing in Lincoln, so we've decided to make a mini-daytrip of the event. The movie, the Cheesecake Factory, maybe some shopping if I can talk them into it. We'll see. (g)

Anyway -- I've sort of given myself the weekend off -- being as it's my last official weekend without any homework. School starts a week from Monday and well, I just needed some down time. I spent a good portion of yesterday waiting for _something_ to hit me regarding either FI or BTPM, and there was just nothing. By mid-afternoon, I gave up and said to heck with it. Read a book, Jen. So that's exactly what I did.

I finished ECLIPSE by Stephenie Meyer. Oh boy do I have a review coming for you! (g) I couldn't sleep last night as I descended into mini-meltdown, self-doubt mode. How are you EVER going to compete with THAT?? I only allowed myself to stay under for about 10-15 minutes and then I pulled myself up by the boot straps. (g) Then I sat there (er, lay there as it was about 3am at this point) telling myself that MY book had a lot to offer that hers didn't... that I had a good story to tell, too. That our styles are different...that there is enough room for both of us -- and that I may even fill some gaps between her and other authors. Yeah, okay, I was stretching, but I really needed to pull myself up.

Then an amazing thing happened. Ideas for revisions started springing up. Nothing too major -- minor tweaks that were actually suggested to me by a critter, but weren't really hitting home with me for some reason. Then it all started to fall into place -- random bits in different scenes, things that will amp up the tension. Then I started seeing bits and pieces of this scene I've been wanting to write, but wasn't sure how to tackle yet. I kinda put it off, thinking I'd deal with it once I got there. Now it's slowly developing.

Let me tell you -- I was scribbling away in the dark (well the tv was on, but I didn't wear my glasses) -- got about 5 pages of free hand notes... not bad, folks. :) Some bits are more concrete than others -- I've got some bits of dialogue--some just random ideas for possible changes. But that scene -- too cool -- I have a lot of bits over the course of it -- now it's just time to walk through it and fill in the blanks. Hopefully I can do that tonight and won't be dead from zero sleep. Yeah, the last time I looked at the clock last night/morning, it was at least 530 and I just rolled out of bed at 830. ACK!

Oh well -- Jane is waiting... Have I mentioned I'm a super-fan of Austen's? Yeah, were she alive I'd probably campout on the poor dear's doorstep. (g) Okay, maybe not -- but I'd definitely be stalking from afar. (g)

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