Saturday, August 18, 2007


It's 430. (g) I'm getting better. Today I got my laptop back, so I've been basking in its glory all day -- and it helped me get started a _bit_ earlier tonight.

Well, this scene has officially hit 5200 words. I still have two gaps to fill, and then probably some basic fleshing out. I get pretty wrapped up in certain things, and a lot of times forget to include enough sensory detail. So, I'll have to make a pass for those things when I finish.

Anyway, I'm hopeful that I'll complete this scene before school begins on Monday. This was probably the biggest hurdle in my revisions of BTPM, so once it's finished, goodness, hopefully the rest will be easy peasy... HEH, doubt it. I keep underestimating how much work I have to do, so I'm going to stop saying, "after this, things will go smoothly" -- cuz they never do. Time I face that. (g)

The last sections I have to write are the major choreography bits -- probably why I've avoided them so far. I suck at scenes with lots of players and action. In fact, I nearly pulled out all of my hair when I wrote the last major one -- which was in COTM. Gah, that thing almost hit the trash bin several times. LOL. Now I consider it one of my best scenes ever. (g) Go figure. Anyway, hopefully I can pound 'em out and come up with something interesting.

Tomorrow's Saturday -- yay. :)

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