Sunday, August 5, 2007

Not Quite!

For whatever reason (okay, I can think of a few), my mind and body DID NOT want to cooperate with my writing schedule today. I didn't get started until late this evening, and then that scene I thought I'd figured out decided to be tempramental with me. I did manage to complete it, roughly, but not early enough to get much else accomplished. I'm heading to bed, in other words. (g)

It was my first day off without homework to worry about -- or family to entertain, or a house to clean, etc. So, I guess it was needed and deserved.

Anyway, that leaves me at page 84. _Tomorrow!_ (g) Of course, I have plans to see The Bourne Ultimatium. But I will NOT quit tomorrow until I finish the first 100. Simple as that.

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