Monday, August 6, 2007


After wrestling with a scene last night, I finally got it tied up to my temporary satisfaction. (g) That leaves me on page 92, with just a short bridging scene to add. YAY. Right now the current chapter runs until pg 100, so I will make my goal and then some -- hopefully today.

I've given this a lot of thought. I think my problem is stemming from the fact I'm not a linear writer. LOL. I'm getting the job done, but very slowly. If I'd run into this situation using my usual methods, I would've simply jumped to a new scene until a path through the current one became clear.

Chunk writing, in a way, lends itself to "big moments" without a lot of the filler crap that can come when you're trying to get from one scene to the next. I prefer it because I can write the big scenes and move on. When it's time to piece everything together, I can just add short bridging sentences to get them to fit. Granted, it can be a bit frustrating, but overall, I gotta say I prefer it. (g)

Of course, with some practice, I might be able to edit myself as I write linearly. I can't say for sure. Right now I find myself anxious to get on to the the next big thing and some of the stuff I'm writing to GET me to those points seems a little dry and boring. Hopefully that isn't true. lol.

Anywho -- my goal is to finish up this last scene and then do a preliminary read through tonight. We'll see how it goes. (g) *eee*

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