Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Major bummer -- I just wrote a post and it went POOF when I tried to publish it. (BTW--it was the most interesting, well-written, and witty post ever! (g))

As I was saying, the new scene of BTPM has topped 2K now, and I still have a significant portion of it to write. I'm not sure what my end word count was when I finished the SFD, but it's definitely going up -- by a lot. I keep telling myself bigger YA's are making it into print these days, but they are the exception. I can always hope. (g)

Anyway, I'm loving this scene so far. I'm still basically writing from two different areas of the chapter, but the gap is slowly closing between them. You should see my file -- it's a riot. I have a long section... then a sentence or two...then a paragraph....then another long section... It's the epitome of chunk writing once again. LOL. Oh well -- I'm happy for whatever I can get down. It will come together eventually.

Oh, btw -- I'm going to try and continue the "line of the day" thing, but with BTPM, there really aren't any one-liners. As Carol told me the other day, Mac really isn't all that funny. LOL. So, I'll most likely post short excerpts instead. I've got one for today, and I'm hoping the intensity of it comes through. Writing action and tension is definitely something I'm working on -- not sure I'm quite there yet, though. (g)

Okay -- off to bed.


Carol said...

First, I think that comment was taken completely out of context! LOL
But if it gets us longer snips, hey, fine with me. (s)

ERiCA said...

I have a long section... then a sentence or two...then a paragraph....then another long section...

Although I typically write in order, sometimes a scene is so tough, all you can do is skip ahead and move on with the next scene.

Doesn't matter how you get the words out, so long as you do get them out. So, mega-congrats on making steady progress! =)

Jen said...


Heh. (g) I did have a semi-joke, but it was Ty who made it. (g)


Jen said...


Welcome. :)

Well, this is actually the typical way I write -- chunkster, here. However, I'm usually at least able to write a scene from start to finish, even if I typically don't write in a linear fashion. This piecemeal stuff isn't the most fun, but I'm always excited to watch a scene come together -- and it will....eventually. LOL. I wouldn't be surprised if this entire thing ends up betw. 4 and 5K. That means I have plenty of words to find. :)