Wednesday, August 8, 2007


With everything going on with Faking It, I completely lost track of the date. As I was dropping off a book at the library, it hit me. DUDE, it's August 8th! LOL. Guess what came out yesterday?? ECLIPSE by Stephenie Meyer! (g) Woohoo -- had to make a pitstop at B&N to pick it up. Super excited. I also picked up REBEL ANGELS by Libba Bray. I'm almost finished with A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY, which is the first in that series. Totally loving it.

Now I'm at a loss. I wanna start ECLIPSE but I'm also dying to know what happens at the end of AGATB. LOL. Oh well. Tough place to be in -- too many good books, impossible to read them all at once. (g)

In other good news, I have some really kickass friends! I sent out the first 100 pages to a big group and holy cow, they all got back to me already! Girls, you rock! Thanks to Tricia, Carol, Claire, Rachel, and Carrie!! And thanks to the rest of you reading -- Deniz, Jenny, Sheila, and Kat! Look forward to hearing what you think -- but NO hurry. :)

I'm getting a few last minute things cleaned up and will be sending probably either late tonight or tomorrow morning. I appreciate all of the comments and suggestions! Dude, you need something read, I'm your girl. (g)


Carol said...

Hi Jen,

I see some book reviews heading our way.

Jen said...


Lol -- you know it. (g)