Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ECLIPSE by Stephenie Meyer

Okay, let me just say first -- There BETTER be another book in this series. (g) I'm sure there probably is, but I'm not one of those people who's ever up on this stuff. LOL. Regardless, it's going to be a killer wait to see what happens next.

On we go...BTW, if you haven't read these books, you might want to skip this review. Unfortunately, I can't write it without giving away a few spoilers from the first two books.


Brief Synopsis: Bella (human) is torn between the two most important people in her world: Edward (bloodsucker) who is the love of her life. She's determined to become a vampire so she can spend eternity with him. And Jacob (dog). Their friendship endangers the volatile truce between vampires and werewolves. But yet, she can't seem to stay away. Add in a female vamp determined to destroy Bella in order to met out revenge against Edward, and a mysterious pack of vampires who are hunting the streets of Seattle and, YEEK!, are headed their way... and you got one helluva book. (g) (Oh, and don't forget the Volturi -- the ruling vampire family who insist Bella becomes a vamp because she's aware of their existence. The alternative? Eh, not so pretty. (g)) The vamps and wolfies join together to protect Bella, but will even that be enough? MUHAHAHAHA. (g)

Okay, LOVED this book. I picked it up on Saturday, having read the first three chapters, and couldn't put it down until I finished at 230 in the morning. LOL. The funny thing about her writing, is that it seems to go at this really leisurely pace, yet there's always this underlying tension that pulls you forward. A lot of her chapters are really long, and her conversations go on for two years, it seems. LOL. Yet, it all just builds and builds until you're whipping through the pages, on the edge of your seat, worried/scared/excited to see what will happen next.

As their relationship has matured, the challenges between Edward and Bella have become greater. There's now this serious sexual tension going on and it's a constant will they or won't they. Personally, I think this is good in YA, because it's something all teenagers cope with on some level. Showing them it's natural to have those urges while presenting the pros and cons (even greater when it's between a vampire and a human) is very _educational_, IMHO. The thing I love about their relationship is that Bella is the aggressor. You don't see that too much these days --and I love that Bella refers to Edward as the prude of the vampire world.

And of course Bella is dealing with the issue of becoming a vampire. She's hesitant to leave her family behind, but is unwilling to let Edward go. Her desire to be changed is completely frustrated by Edward, who wants her to experience life as a human for a while. (But the Volturi have set a deadline -- talk about complicated!)And then there's Jacob -- who is _mostly_ human as he says, and can provide her a relatively normal life. Choosing one means becoming the enemy of the other. And you thought you had problems. (g)

Not too much to complain about in this book -- just the fact that it ended and now the wait begins for the fourth book.

One thing I loved about this book (without giving anything away) is that Bella really seems to grow up in a lot of ways. She's forced to make some tough decisions, but yet she does, even when she knows how heartbreaking her decisions will be... and even when part of her is practically destroyed by making them. Wow -- some very powerful moments in this book.

And man, WHAT an ending! I was soooo scared! LOL. Great read -- go out and buy this series right now!

Buy or Rent? BUY!

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