Friday, August 24, 2007

Those Wonderful Moments

Do you ever write something and it brings you to tears? I'm not talking about poetic prose that is beautiful and heart-wrenching -- I'm not talking a deeply emotional scene that makes you want to weep. I'm talking something so silly that you laugh until you cry. Do you?

Could be the late hour, but the scene I just wrote had me laughing out loud and wiping away tears. Oh man, it's classic. Up until the ending moment, I actually thought it was some of the best prose I've ever written. Not great, certainly not poetry...but good for me. Then {{{BAM!!!!}}} -- Maddy happened. (g) Need I say more? I really hope it's not just me. (g)

Today was a little rough. Last night I sat down with pen and paper and outline and tried to make a list of the scenes I thought I'd need to get through the next section of FI. With a list I figured I could pick and choose and write whatever is barking at that time. It worked -- sort of. I had a hard time getting into a groove, but I did manage about 1250 words tonight. Not great, not terrible -- just a solid effort. I wanted to hit that 1700 mark, but I think I have to call it a night. Hopefully this will springboard into getting going a little quicker next time.

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