Friday, August 31, 2007


Sorry for the quiet blog the past couple of days. School kicked my butt, as predicted. (g) After several evenings of seeing the sunrise before calling it a night, my body just gave out on me. I slept and slept and slept on Wednesday -- and vowed to get more sleep on a regular basis from here on out. At the rate I was going, I'd be primed for the looney bin by mid-September. (g)

Anyway--no new words, but I did get about 4300 total this week, which was more than I thought I'd get (deep down where I apply reality). I'm hoping to add to that significantly over the three day weekend. The good thing is that I'm exceedingly pleased with the words I've accomplished, and look forward to seeing where these new scenes will take me and affect the book overall.

I've got some friends who are a little worried about where they're taking a certain character, but I _promise_ things will work out for the best. LOL. No naysaying and character-hating, folks! Not yet, at any rate -- let it all play out. :) IOW, TRUST me. (g)

Anywho -- I'm SO glad it's Friday. I seriously didn't know if I'd survive school yesterday. It's my long day -- from 1030 to 630... not the worst schedule out there, but I definitely have some HARD hitting classes in there. I'm not really sure why I took Corporations of all bloody things -- I'm the least business minded person I know...and well, it's going to be nightmarish.

So yeah, that's my life in a nutshell over the past couple of days. Hasn't been a lot of fun and I'm REALLY looking forward to getting some face time with FI. TGIF.


Deniz Bevan said...

Hey Jen, I keep picturing you with your face shoved into a wad of paper, arms flailing above your head, clutching a pen in one hand and a mouse in the other, the laptop screen scrolling madly beside you. "Getting some face time" indeed *g*

Jen said...


LOL! Now there's an image. (g)