Thursday, August 23, 2007

Spinning My Tires

I didn't get a lot accomplished today -- I'll be honest. There was a lot of family drama going on, and readjustments to the family/pups being home again. It left me a little grumpy. (g) I didn't get started until late this evening, and I never really got into any kind of groove. I suspect it has to do with the lack of sleep I got last night. The dogs decided to plant themselves in my bed -- one across my lap, and the other snuggled against my side. I was freezing and stiff when I woke up. LOL. Which was often. (g) Plus they snore! (VBG) It's too cute.

At any rate, I started organizing my stuff for FI. To get the next 100 pages finished, I estimate I'll need to write about 15K...roughly (1670 words a day). Don't know if that can happen in the next nine days or not, but I suppose there's an outside chance. LOL. I need to remember that school is seriously going to hinder my efforts. Of course, I'm hoping that the added pressure of schoolwork will get my butt in gear. I do work well when I'm in school for some reason -- better organized, I guess -- plus I know I can't screw around as much.

I'm trying to salvage any bits I can from the original MS, but I'm heading into all new stuff soon. There's about three old chapters that will need some tweaking, and then it's off the map. That's fine with me, honestly, but I am a little concerned about trying to write linearly. I would much rather jump around. But if DA is going to expect increments sent periodically (don't know yet), I'll have to at least stay in the general area of the next section so that I can send in order. I suppose 100 random pages won't do. LOL. DRAT. I've been spoiled -- all of my friends accept my out of order methods. (g)

Anywho -- prolly gonna call it a night. I'm itching to work on BTPM a bit, so I may try that out and see how I do. Most likely I'll read and crash. (g)

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