Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I didn't get much accomplished today -- too busy. Instead of reading earlier, I should've worked on FI. lol. Oh well, things happen.

I spent the evening with the pups. They're leaving with my aunt and uncle tomorrow -- for three weeks -- and I had to have some alone time with them. I took them out to this really cool dog run we have. It's about 25 acres with lots of trees and a stream for them to jump around in. The water is disgusting (it's really just standing water, lol), but they don't seem to mind. Of course, they drink it and come out hacking a few minutes later... but hey, whatever. (g)

Taking two dogs out there is _a lot_ of work. Their favorite thing to do is to jump in the water and then proceed to roll around in whatever loose dirt they can find. Filthy little mudballs. lol. So, of course, they both needed baths. What an endeavor. After more than an hour tromping around with them--and then struggling with their aversion for fu-fu smelling shampoo--I was pooped myself. Then I had to help pack them up and the evening just dwindled away.

I didn't start working on the ole' MS until about 1130, but I was determined to get _something_ accomplished. It took a while to decide how to start this new scene, but I finally got it rolling. I'm ending with only 200 words, but it should be a good springboard for tomorrow. The beginning is always the hardest for me, because well, I'm determined to start out every scene with a killer line. LOL -- I'm probably failing miserably, but at this hour, anything would sound good.

You know, in order to stay motivated, I think I'm going to try posting my "Line of the day." Of course, I may be the only person laughing, but oh well. (g) If you pop in and out without commenting, I'll never know if you thought it was totally stupid. Ignorance is bliss. (g)

I'm off to bed now...must be up in five hours.

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