Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two Complaints And A Reminder

I walked outside my door this morning to -4 degree weather. That's NEGATIVE FOUR. OMG. You know it's bad when your nose (inside) freezes. (g) And I've heard that February is going to be a really bad month in the Husker state--as in REALLY cold. Oh, yippee.

My second gripe of the day is that I hate my 815 class. LOL. Okay, the professor is great -- he's funny, he's a practicing lawyer who doesn't buy into the usual, I-must-grill-these-law-students-until-they-cry-or-have-a-nervous-breakdown BS that most of the university professors do. He's actually really good. So, sitting in class is okay. It's just getting here--especially with the aforementioned temperatures tempting me back into bed. :) Doesn't help that I have two very furry space heaters who like to snuggle in with me. But I'm here.. So that says something.

And reminder.

The contest I'm running ends tomorrow night, 9PM CST. If you'd like to win a FREE copy of Joanna Bourne's THE SPYMASTER'S LADY, then you need to put some pep in your step, people. Time is running low. Don't forget it's an AUTOGRAPHED copy. What have you got to lose by signing up? :) See the link at the top right hand corner of my blog -- click HERE and you're on your way to Nirvana, baby.

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