Friday, January 4, 2008

Aargh. (But Yippee!!)

My windows explorer has been acting up lately. Whenever I open a pop-up (intentionally or not) and try to close it, it shuts the whole she-bang down. I was in the middle of a long review for SPECIALS when I opened up a window to respond to someone's blog. In my excitement, I didn't even think about what I was doing. Blam...all gone. *sigh*


YAY for Susan Adrian!!! She just signed with Janet Reid!! I'm so super excited for her... You go, girl!

And what's wonderful is she's gonna send out THE WEIRDEST THING ABOUT JENNA, sans revisions. Oh you lucky lucky girls... first Julianne, now Susan.

Jen (back to rewrites. (G))


Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Jen!!!

And thanks so much for posting about it. I really appreciated your critique, and your support all the way through.

Rock on!

Julianne said...


Susan's right. You've been so kind with your support through our searches. Don't worry, FI will be making the rounds soon enough. Just think of how much better the book will be once you're done! I'm still amazed at what you've accomplished given the amount of time you've been writing.

Hopefully, by the time your book is published, I'll have my own blog so I can sing your praises like you've sung mine! [s]


Jenna said...

Dude, you're so going to rule the world when FI is published. It's all ready a hell of a lot better than some of the other crap that gets represented these days and you're not even finished with it yet. Just remember I'm gonna be your number one fan...Psh, what am I thinking. I AM your number one fan! Stalker Jenna to the rescue! lol.

Jen said...


You're welcome...can't wait to hear about submissions. May it sell--quickly. :)


Jen said...


Thank you... I'm very excited to see what happens with you two. Hopefully I can join in sometime in the near future.

*fingers typing*


Jen said...


*Tries to blend in with the trees*

Goodness, how did you find me?!

LOL -- thanks for your support. :) It means the world.