Monday, January 7, 2008

For The Love Of Pete--Is Nothing Sacred??

Heh, that's a saying I gave my sister all kinds of smack about every time she used it over Thanksgiving. Here I am using it. (g)

But it's definitely called for right now. After much hemming and hawing this evening, with the help of Jenna (thanks, girl!), I think I've made a big decision about the ending of FI. *drum roll* The original final chapter is hitting the cutting room floor.

*Holds up her hands* Now now... I know some of you are gonna throw a fit over that one. Trust me, I had the same reaction. What I have is going to be SO much better, tho. I think. Erm, in theory. I have to write it still. But I have the beginning of the scene in question, and I know exactly what I need to add to get it whipped into shape. The little film playing out in my mind works really well. Now I just have to translate it to the page. (g) That's my goal for tonight.

But seriously, I don't know what it is, but ever since I let go of the senior dance, I have NO SHAME when it comes to hacking out SACRED bits of this MS. That last know the one...was near and dear. You remember why. (VBG) But yeah, gone...gone...gone... Unfortunately, that also means that Beth is only going to have a minor role in this book. But we'll see her again in book 2, so not a major issue. But seriously, with Hedrick and some of the other characters playing bigger roles, I really needed to streamline some... this is the first step.

It does affect a couple of other spots in the book, but fortunately I haven't written those particular scenes yet. All is well.

Wow...feel like I'm growing here. (wink)


Precie said...

Hang on a sec.


Precie said...

Still reeling from the senior dance news...

BUT...If I remember that ending correctly, it involved a little twist that I wasn't happy with. If I recall, my particular concern was that a certain character behaved uncharacteristically. And I didn't want, uh, that character to do that.

So...I'm looking forward to what your new final scene! And I guess Beth just has to wait until the sequel to take on a bigger presence. :)

Hélène Boudreau said...

Sounds like a plan coming together...


Good luck!

Jen said...


LOL -- I keep forgetting you've read the entire thing. (g) Hopefully you'll be pleased with the new ending... I think it's going to work very well. Unfortunately, my little 30 hour bout with insomnia finally came to an end and I conked out before getting more than a couple of hundred words last night. Go figure. (g) But I "sketched" the scene on paper, so hopefully I can pound it out today.

And yeah, the senior dance had to go. SIGH. But, I think I may have found a way to resurrect at least part of it... most will have to go though. But that's okay... Henry and Blue Hair will live on somewhere else. *sniff*


Jen said...


I LOVE it when a plan comes together. (g)

Thanks! And here's hoping it does. :)


moonrat said...

endings are SO HARD.

good for you for being able to slash!!! editor's enemy="darling" protector. we like your type a lot.

Jen said...


LOL -- I've become a slash and burn maniac. Definitely a learning curve--and it's never easy--but I'm getting better at it. (g)


Beth said...

that also means that Beth is only going to have a minor role in this book.

I'm crushed...

Jen said...


LOL -- but you'll be up front and center in book 2. ;)