Thursday, January 31, 2008


I was reading Kat's blog tonight, and she thanked someone for adding her to I'd never heard of that site so I went to check it out. Dude, she's listed as #1 out of 2,690 creative writing blogs. Way to go, Kat! (g)

Want to know what's really strange? I'm _#7_. Too cool. :)

No idea how you become linked to such things...but hey, I'm flattered.


Hélène Boudreau said...

Hey, I'm #138. So cool!

Jennifer Hendren said...


HEY! :) It's weird, huh? LOL. But pretty cool.


Beth said...


There's a little green button near the top right that says "submit a blog."

Where are the creative writing blogs listed?

Jennifer Hendren said...


They have topics on the right hand side -- click on books & literature -- and then on creative writing blogs.

And yeah, apparently people submit your blog... then I guess they have someone who rates your blog based on several different criteria. Says "a professional editor" reviews submissions. Huh. LOL. (g)