Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I didn't get many words tonight, but I think I've at last cleared up the missing piece I've been stumbling against the past couple of weeks. I knew "generally" what was supposed to happen in the story, but couldn't come up with any solid ideas that would work. Then I came up with this completely nutty slant to the whole thing and kinda got creeped out that my mind went there. (g) But I figured out a way to inject some humor, despite the dark tone of the overall scene. I _think_ this is seriously the last piece of the story I was unclear about. Hmmm. I'm sure other issues will come up as I try to piece everything together later, but I'm feeling good about where I'm at.

I'm still shooting for a SFD by the end of January. I think I can make it. Heh.

So, I finished at about 1200 for the night. I'm exhausted, but happy I managed that much. I'm _determined_ to get started earlier tomorrow. Oh, and I think I have a new LOTD.


Precie said...

SFD? So this is for BTPM? Sweetie, methinks you need a BREAK. But I soooo envy your productivity! :)

Jen said...


Erm, no...this is all for FI. (g) My rewrites. BTPM is officially LEFT on the back burner (and I mean it this time--glares at the MS) until I finish my rewrites for DA. Yeah, I know...I'm totally confusing. LOL