Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Glutton For Punishment

Nathan Bransford is holding The Suprisingly Essential First Page Challenge over at his blog -- HERE, if you're interested. I've spent altogether too much time trying to decide whether to enter, and if so, WHAT to enter. He's seen parts of FI and BTPM -- heck, he read a partial of FI and rejected it. (G) Only so many times you can beat that horse--plus, yanno...it's sorta taken. (vbg)

So, that leaves me with my various other wip's. As I'm a chunk writer, I only have the opening to one -- NARC 2. I also have the opening paragraph to WALKING IN SHADOW, though it's still a major work in progress and a WEE (iow, BIG) spoiler for BTPM. I _could_ pound something out, but I just dunno. I've also begun the opening scene to THE PRESENCE, but as with WIS, it's still a work in progress. What to do?? What to do?? Yeah, think I'll probably end up sitting this one out. Or sending NARC 2. We'll see.

Which brings me to my next topic. Josephine Damian had a great blog post about a little Q&A with the one and only Donald Maass. HERE. In it, he discusses whether or not blogs/an internet presence are helpful in promoting a writer's career.

The part I found particularly interesting is...well, the entire thing...(especially when he flipped her argument the bird. (VBG)) but mostly, the part where he says blogs are okay as long as you don't use them to "scratch the itch" to write. Hmmm, interesting. I've never really found that my blog takes over my writing time...nor that it diminishes my desire to write. But then, I spend far too much time reading _other_ blogs, so perhaps there's something to it being one big ole' distraction to your writing goals. Regardless, I find it very therapeutic and a great way to connect with other writers. After all, we've been through it all at one point or another. It's nice to have people jump in and say, "Hey, I've been there...you can get through this!"

But I do think he has a point that it may not have _that much_ of an impact on your ability to sell a book. It is after all--repeat his mantra with me--what's between the covers that sells the book. Tell a good story and the rest will work itself out. I'd argue it isn't going to hurt you, though. Well, unless you make an arse of yourself on a daily basis. NO COMMENT. :)

Egads..it's almost 3... off to bed, I go. Seven comes way too early...


Precie said...

I envy people who don't need sleep. I'd be a zombie on only 4 hrs sleep...I'd be comatose after doing that multiple days in a row. Don't hurt yourself! :)

Jennifer Hendren said...

Dude, I need it... I just never get it. LOL.

Josephine Damian said...

Jen: Thanks so much for the link. DM gave us all much food for thought with those comments (but of course my favorite part is where he flipped the bird! lol)

Jennifer Hendren said...


Mine too. (g)