Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's Oh So Quiet

Dude, did everyone go on vacation this weekend? Blogger has been exceptionally quiet. (g) Me? HEH. I spent yesterday reading...all. day. long. Yes, I'm horrible. I finished THE SWEET FAR THING, tho. :) I'm gonna give it a day or two to settle before I write a was good, tho...very good. Now I've begun the Midnighters series by Westerfeld. It's quick, so at least I know I'll have time to write today. (g)

One great thing about my little vacation is that I've had a couple of little kernels bubble up for WALKING IN SHADOW and THE PRESENCE. Notice neither is FI, which of course, is a bit of a problem. (g) But what can you do? I'm reading about high school students and well, naturally my thoughts would go to those particular books. LOL. One kernel, for WIS, gives me goosebumps -- had to write that one down. It was less than 200 words and obviously part of a much longer scene, but write it or lose it.. yanno how that goes.

It all serves to remind me how invigorating the creative process is... gah, love it. Miss it. Hope to recapture it with FI. Perhaps this will all help jump start me back into that book. Actually, one of my writer friends suggested I work on something else for a bit... finding the love being the ultimate goal. I'll admit I've been a bit hesitant to test that particular theory. Mostly I'm worried that once I get going on another wip, I won't want to switch back to FI. But I suppose these little bits won't really hurt anything (I hope).

But seriously, folks...where are you guys? (g)


Hélène Boudreau said...


Totally gapping this weekend with a house full of guests and a gutted kitchen. Fun.

I served brunch for 8 cooking with a hot plate and a toaster oven. Washed the dishes in the bathroom sink. I feel like I'm in college again.

Why I just shared that, I'm not sure. LOL

NBB said...

Trying to get some rest :)

On Thursday I worked from 7.30am to 9.30pm and was home 10.40pm.
Back at work on Friday at 8.30am till 5.45pm, but had an "appointment" afterwards, so I was home around 11pm.
(Very stressful two days...)
Up at 8am on Saturday and away all day.
Finally got a little rest yesterday but couldn't be moved to switch laptop on or write. Started my re-read of Deathly Hallows, that I planned to so since July... :)

Josephine Damian said...

OMG! I won! And thirty entries! Woot! Between jury duty, and the Donald Maass workshop, and having to wake up 6 freakin' hours earlier than I usually do to make it to both, my brain has been fried so I've haven't been getting around much!

Will email my addy to you.


Jennifer Hendren said...


Oh man, there is NOTHING more frustrating than a kitchen under construction. My poor grandmother was out of her kitchen well over a month while they tore hers up. She was beside herself -- so on her behalf, I FEEL your pain. (g)

Thanks for popping in, was so quiet I was beginning to think my reader wasn't working.


Jennifer Hendren said...


Hey, a well-deserved re-read. Sorry to hear about your hectic week, but at least it's over now. :) How you're enjoying your book!


Jennifer Hendren said...


YUP. LOL. Congrats! You've had a great week so far. :)