Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And It's A Wrap

Erm, sorta. LOL.

I've got a new ending...a new last line....it's all kinds o' new. (g) The previous chapter topped about 2100...this one about 1500. So yeah, guess I managed to cut a few words.

And the best part: I LURVE IT. :)

Now I have to set it aside so I can see if I still lurve it when I come back to it later. I'm not _positive_ about the last line...but the scene is written. The rest will work itself out eventually.

Up next: the pesky middle of the book... LOL. I do things so ass-backwards...but man, I love it. :)


Susan Adrian said...

Woo-hoo! Excellent, Jen!

julianne said...

Everything should fall into place, now that you know the end.


Jen said...

Thanks, Susan...Julianne... (g)