Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So Cheesy, But I Love It!

You know you're losing your mind when you're up late writing and find this kind of thing really amusing.

When my sister was here for Thanksgiving, she downloaded a bunch of songs onto my iPod. Some of them have been real treats -- old favorites I haven't heard in years.

Tonight...the creme de la creme came up.

And it must be said--it's frightening when realize you still know every damn word to Cool Rider from Grease 2. LMAO.


Tara Parker said...

I can't believe you said that! It's the ONLY song I can still sing from that train-wreck of a movie! LOL

Jen said...


Oh...that's not the only song I remember. (g) I happen to _own_ that movie...mom bought it for me a couple of years back. LOL. I'll never get "Let's do it for our country" out of my psyche.


Tara Parker said...

I need to check my gmail more often - I never know when someone comments on MY comments - sorry!

Yeah, "Let's do it for our country" was unfortunately burned into my head as well - too freakin' funny!