Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cleaning House

I'm sitting in what might be the most irrelevant class in my entire law school career. Professor is super nice, but he's spent most of the class period trying to figure out why his jaw is clicking and how he can go about curing himself. He's pretty stoked about the whole library system, which is great...good for him. But I must say, my mind went awanderin'.

So, decided to clean up my LOTD's and Excerpts... took out most of the FI bits. Will try to keep on top of that from now on. Man, some of 'em were OLD. I put them all in the draft section, so I hope they don't automatically drop off after a certain period of time. Anyone? LOL -- I'm a sentimental schmuck. The idea of deleting them forever (even though I have them saved in numerous places) is too much for me. Gah, I'm gonna end up one of those crazy women with every back issue of TV guide or something. Erm, do they still print that? But yeah, I like to have the record of when/what I put up at any given time. VIVA LA BLOGGER!! :)

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