Sunday, January 13, 2008

Much Needed Motivation

So, I've been slacking a bit (a lot) on my word count. I think it's a combination of being burnt out from all of the late nights and the imminent stress of school beginning. At any rate, it's time to give myself a big kick in the arse to keep going.

I fought long and hard about this... half of me saying it just wasn't fair, the other half saying it's what I deserve for being lazy. My hardass self won out. (g)

Until I finish the SFD of FI, there will be no reading THE SWEET FAR THING. None. Not a page. Not the acks, not the back cover blurb. *mutters to herself and kicks the ground*

It had to be done.


moonrat said...

but but but i heard it's so GOOD

Jen said...


I know. *cries like a baby without her baba*


Precie said...

Aw, moonie, now that's hitting below the belt! Jen has to finish FI pronto so Dream Agent can snap it up, get it sold, and then I can read the published version ASAP!

Yes, it's all actually about me. :)

Jen said...


LOL -- man, I love how selfish you are. (g)

BTW, Missy...why haven't you signed up for my contest?? I thought you'd be all over that one..especially with the flashy banner and all. I know I'm not offering a crit or anything..but sheesh. (g)


Precie said...

LOL! Pardon the delay! I was too busy reading the book! ;)