Friday, January 11, 2008

Win A Signed Copy of THE SPYMASTER'S LADY!!


That's right. Here is a chance to win an autographed copy of THE SPYMASTER'S LADY. The wonderful Joanna Bourne has agreed to lay down her John Hancock, and heck...who wouldn't want this???

The rules are simple:

Simply respond to this post with a short message (in the comments) about how you learned of her book, and if possible, link this contest somewhere -- your blog, a writer's forum... OR write in to your favorite writer's blog and let them know. Anyone willing to approach the Smart Bitches will have my eternal gratitude. (VBG) The idea is to spread the don't be shy with the links. (You do NOT have to link in order to be eligible to win... it's just a bonus.(g))

And if you don't have a blogger account, you can sign in using the "nickname" option in the comments thread...OR, email me at jnhendren @ hotmail dot com.

Deadline: January 25th, 9PM (and that's CENTRAL time -- not that I'd cut you off. It's always 9 o'clock somewhere.) I'll announce the winner the following morning.

Include your name, please. If I can't reach you, I'll be forced to draw again.

Good luck! And go, JO! (g)

1/16 -- ETA -- I got the book in the mail today and it is in my hot little hands. :) It could be YOURS soon.

1/19 -- ETA, yes, I will ship _anywhere_ in the world, provided it's an address that doesn't entail backpacking it into the Himalayas or something. (g)


NBB said...

I of course posted your contest on my blog :)

I met Jo on the Compuserve Forum and read snips there, and when she told us that it would be available, I preordered the book (in September already)

Julie Weathers said...

Oh, yes. I'll be posting this. Jo is a very, very talented writer, as the world is learning.


Carol A. Spradling said...

Here's mine.

Jenny said...

I know Jo through CompuServe, and I've been salivating over this book since she announced its imminent publication. Even then I was blown away...this is hands down one of the best Regency romances, or romance novels period, I have ever read.

I've linked to this contest on my own blog, and yes - I sent it to the Smart Bitches. *g*

Jenna said...

Well, seeing as I'm late with the jumping on "The Spymaster's Lady" train, I basically learned of her book from you (*winks* Aren't you special?). Though I did hear whispers about it on the forum. Now I've even more excited about reading it because from everything I've been hearing it's an amazing book and I can't wait to read it.

Oh and I'll try my best to find somewhere to post this. She obviously deserves the support.

Cindy said...

After one second of intense consideration - I'm in!

I, too, met Jo on Compuserve's writer forum, where she once gave me terrific advice, a lovely gargoyle's head and a man named Sven. It's all still around here somewhere.

I've been thrilled to read the reviews on this book. Much deserved!

And yes, I'll link!

Pommie said...

Great idea!

Count me in, and I'll link to your blog. And if I win, I'll pass on my unsigned copy to some deserving person.*g*

A Novel Woman said...

Sorry, Jen. The "Pommie" above is me, Pam, at The Novel Woman. I signed in with the wrong account.

Jo's book has another plug on my blog and a link here, and it's well deserved because it's an AWESOME book!

Gotta love the Jo!

Sarah said...

I've also posted it on my blog [g] Contest are great! I'm in hehe.

Beth said...

I've know about this book for a long time because I've known Jo for a long time on Compuserve, and every now and again she'd tease us with excerpt. I knew it was going to be good; I just didn't realize quite how good.

Precie said...

Now that you've nagged me into it...J/K!!!!

I posted this not only on my blog but also in one of the Absolute Write forums! So there!

Like others here, I "know" Jo through the Compuserve Forum. And I wish I had even a fraction of her talent! She's masterful, brilliant and selfless. A great writer and a great teacher. Can't wait to read more!

pavla said...

I'm so broke, and I want to read this book so badly. I'm hearing about it everywhere!

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Christy said...

Count me in! I also posted a link on my blog.

Like most everyone else, I know Jo from CompuServe.

Beth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beth said...

Have now mentioned the contest in my latest blog post.

I've sorta watched this book a-birthing for a long time--from a distance, with my nose pressed to the glass, but I knew it was going to be a good 'un. [g]

Josephine Damian said...

If Precie's in, I'm in!

Precie's blog is where I heard about your contest!

I just checked out the book on amazon - steamy cover! Luv those abs!

Claire Gregory said...

Okey doke- I'm slow, but I'm in (g). Like most others here, I first had the privilege of reading snips of Spymaster's Lady on the CompuServe Forum. My copy is still winging its merry way over to Australia, sloooowly (gah!), but in the meantime I've posted your contest on my blog, too.

Deniz Bevan said...

Hiya Jen! I'd love to parade a signed copy around! I found out about the book from the compuserve forum and ordered it way back in August, and finished it a couple of days ago. Wow! *bows* to Jo's skill and talent and humour!

Tara Parker said...

Damn! Janet beat me to it on Smart Bitches! (g) I may have to risk looking like an ass and posting the same link to your website...

I also met Jo on the Compuserve forum and have learned a lot from her both there and through reading her blog (an all day affair!).

I read The Spymaster's Lady in 4 hours - hands down the best romance book I've ever read. My husband even wants to read it simply for the dialogue and POV! (He won't even read OUTLANDER!)

Tara Parker said...

I added a post to my blog at

Anonymous said...

I love the book and just posted a personal review of it on my blog. However, I could not add the banner as it locks up my old computer. So I'll make a little ad for the sidebar today.

I do not know Ms. Bourne, but I think she has written a wonderful novel that deserves a lot of praise.

Kreekie said...

I don't have a blog, but I met Jo on the Forum--and in person, and love everything she posts. So, I most definitely can't wait to read this book! And signed? Wahoo!


SugarPeach said...

Hi, I learned about it from Susan Adrian's blog. I would love to win!

Bernita said...

I learned about the contest from The Witch of Atlas.
Read a review on DA? About her delicacy with voice.
The book sounds fascinating for many reasons.

Anonymous said...

I frequent the Fog City Divas blog ( and today's post was about The Spymaster's Lady. I will definitely be buying this book!

writtenwyrdd said...

I heard about Jo's book via Beth's blog. I look forward to getting a copy. Always looking for romances that are well written.

Steven Lopata said...

Like many, I met Jo through Compuserve. But please don't send me a copy. I bought the thing last night at Barnes and Noble. I wish I read my Compuserve more regularly.

Chris said...

I'm late to the party but I'd love a copy. Like so many, I 'met' Jo through Compuserve. Over the last few years she's helped me tackle my own writing. Thanks, Jo!

Corrallie said...

Hi Jen,

I first heard about The Spymaster's Lady on the Books & Writer's Forum when Jo asked for help with her synopsis. (Although I'd been hanging around for a good few years by that time, I hadn't picked up on the fact that Jo wrote stuff other than the amazing Myrtle *g*)

No blog/website, alas, and the only writer's forum I hang out in is already well aware of her existence *s*


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen

I'm in. I just bought a copy from my local bookstore, but with an autographed copy in my hands, I'd be able to give away a copy. No blog for me, but I've been telling everyone I know about the book. Yay for Jo!!

Jenny W.

Anonymous said...

--Forgot to add, heard about this on the Books and Writers Community of course.

Jenny W.

DA said...

Great idea, Jen.

I've written my thoughts about Spy Master's Lady at:

In short, I loved it. And I'd love a signed copy. It's be a great birthday present ( I'm another year older tomorrow!).


Jen said...


I've been trying not to comment in here--didn't want to clutter things up too much. But I had to jump on and say you gave me a HEART ATTACK just now. (g) I opened up my email to find a message from DA. ROFL. I thought...holy crap...he's reading my blog enough to know that's how I refer to him. Not to mention he's commenting. Hehe. Too funny.


Rachel said...

I was lucky enough to read snips of Jo's book on the Compuserve Forum before it hit the shelves. I don't have a blog/website to holler about this book (I read it in less than 24 hours; nuff said. [g]) But I do know a whole heap of women in the 35 - 45 year age-bracket with husbands who work long hours and kids who drive them crazy on a semi-permanent basis; I'll be seeing them all next week when school starts up, so a can at least engage in a little "word of mouth" marketing to a very receptive audience! [g]

Anonymous said...

i found out about The spymaster's lady on the berkley site.
I got the book today and didn't stop reading till I finished it. It was great.

I wrote a review at
I can't hardly wait for the next one:-)

Joanna Bourne said...

Dear Jenny --

I am incredibly touched at what you and the others have done to promote Spymaster's Lady.

Your kind words and encouragement help more than you can possibly imagine.

(waves madly to all the Forumites)

(also waves in a more discreet and restrained, but friendly, fashion to folks she hasn't met so she doesn't scare them)

You are all so great. Do you know this? You do know this ... that you are all so great?

DA said...

Dear Jen,


You've tweaked my interest.


Jennifer Hendren said...


Heh, sorry. DA = Dream Agent. I'm working with him on revisions for FAKING IT. Only he doesn't know I call him that. (g)


Jennifer Hendren said...


You're more than welcome -- thank YOU for writing such a fantastic book. :)


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