Friday, June 1, 2007

Okay, Now Some Good News

I've been mulling over some changes, and I think I've come up with one big scene that will set off a chain of events in the book that should fit D.A.'s tastes.. Let's hope at any rate. lol

The other good news is that I've been given the go ahead (the definite go ahead) to send BTPM when I feel it's ready. That won't be quite yet, but it's good to know he still wants it. (g)

Goodness, a lot on my lil' ole' plate right now. I may call on people to beta the first 3 chapters of btpm... prolly the weakest of the book. Why is it those are _always_ the weakest for me? lol. Oh well, if you'd like to toss your name in, feel free. I can use all the help I can get.

Off to mull.


Carol said...

Do you need to ask? Count me in.

Jen said...


Thanks! :) Now if I could just figure out what I want to do with them... lol