Thursday, June 14, 2007

OMG -- Butterflies!

So, I went to bed about a half hour ago... I'm in that sort of uncomfortable stage, where my body is tired, yet I _can't_ fall asleep. And then inspiration hits. I had to get up and write this post. So many little things fell into place for FI just now, and I'm sick to my stomach. Not because of the ideas, mind you -- more because I think they're brilliant. If D.A. hates them, I don't know what I'll do. I'd laugh, but I really do feel sick to my stomach.

I pulled out my journal and scribbled down everything so I won't lose it... even little bits of dialogue I heard clearly...images, anything that came to mind. OMG, he has to like this.

If you've volunteered to look at my outline when I finish it, expect it soon -- I'm really closing in on a final product here. The tough part is that I'm really scrapping a good portion of the original book, so I'm not going to be able to come up with a _detailed_ outline this time...more of a synopsis really as the exact scenes are a bit fuzzy, and I won't really know what they are until I sit down to tackle these changes. He'll have to be okay with that, because I really am trying to amp this puppy up...and well, rewrites galore will have to be done. Thank God, I can keep most of the beginning still, but this does change the outcome of the book somewhat.

I honestly feel like my brain has been on pause and someone suddenly pressed the super fast forward button and out spewed all of these ideas at once. The important thing? This version keeps both of my tasty men. (g) Okay, that makes me extremely happy....and somewhat settled my stomach. Okay, the morning is coming on fast. Back to bed I go.


Carol said...

Tell me this...Why do you get your best ideas between one and three in the morning?! Okay, listen to me. Right behind your left ear is a switch. Push it, gently. That should turn you off long enough to rest. You worry me. (s)

Hélène B said...

What was it about last night? I was up 'til 2 am writing up a new idea I got in the grocery store earlier in the evening.


Good luck with your new vision. It sounds like you're really raising the stakes!

Susan Adrian said...

Woo-hoo! Sounds great!

Jen said...


LOL.. I'm actually extremely grateful for these late night lightbulb moments. I've been racking my brain for two weeks now, while wide awake, and got more accomplished in two miserable hours of trying to fall asleep. (g) I'll take that any day.


Jen said...


Oh goodness, yes...stakes are RAISED. (g) If D.A. doesn't go for this, I'll be at a complete loss. LOL. I think that's part of the reason I had so many butterflies. _I_ wanted to read the book -- and the tension/conflict hit me square in the gut just thinking about it.

Congrats on your late night session! :)


Jen said...


Thanks! :) Goodness, it will be a lot of work -- almost rewriting the entire dang thing.. but hopefully it will all turn out well in the end. (g)


Maggie said...

You go girl! Looking forward to reading the outline!

Jen said...


Thanks! It will be interesting to see the end product. From what I know now, it probably won't look at all like the original book. Whoa.