Monday, June 4, 2007


Nothing to report. I wish I could say that I've nailed down some new revisions to FI, but I'm still at the drawing board. Oh well, can't rewrite the book in just a few days. LOL. I do have some solid ideas, but unfortunately, very little time to play with them. I'm super busy (I'm working a temp job -- full-time just this week). It isn't coming at the best time, but bills need to be paid. Then next week I start summer school. *stinky cat face*

I have worked out a few changes that I'll be making to BTPM -- ones that I think will give the story more punch when I'm finished. Even with that, though, I have no time and haven't fully thought out everything I want to do. Hopefully, those changes won't be too much trouble... just a couple of insertions here and there and small changes to address the ripples. *crosses her fingers* IF I'm lucky, I can get the new scenes written this weekend before school starts. Most of this week is out though. Gah. Life really knows how to slap you in the face when you need to live in your books and get some work finished.

Oh well -- one of the things going on this week is the Faith Hill/Tim McGraw concert. (g) Seeing Tim will give me fodder for my male MC's -- boy knows how to fill out a pair of jeans. (g) I haven't had much time to kick back and relax, so it may be just the thing I need. Come back refreshed and rearing to go.

Another thing on the horizon is that my sister is coming the last week of June. I _really_ need to put it in gear because I won't have time while she's here. Of course, I picked up the syllabus for my summer class and I have a paper due while she's here -- and a class presentation. I'm soooooooo screwed. LOL.

Okay -- I'm off to try and get _something_ done on one of the wips.

Oh -- one last thing. Thanks to Claire and Kat. Each of you tackled one of my books this week, and your kind comments delivered a much needed boost. So glad you enjoyed, and I hope I can make them both even better. :)

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