Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pressure! (Sung by Billy Joel, of course)

Gah, I'm freaking out. (g) I have so much to do that NOTHING is getting accomplished. I had all day to work on FI or BTPM...or TB...something. Instead of working on my wip's, I spent the day freaking out about all the things I need to do. LOL. Of course, I decided to take a break to go to a friend's Pampered Chef party. The food was great and thankfully I didn't buy anything -- but, I can't help thinking I could've spent those hours being more productive. (g)

One factor that's playing into my whole lack of progress is that my hands are super sore from the job I did all week. I mean, they work and I can type, but you know how when something on your body is sore it just puts you in a bad funk? That's how I feel -- easily irritated and just ugh. So, rather than ripping apart my books, I decided to do some crits. LOL. After all, if I'm in a grumpy mood, it's better to take it out on someone else's work. (g) Okay, I really wasn't all that bad.

My goal for tomorrow is to get through at least one chapter of BTPM and sketch out my preliminary ideas for the new outline of FI. Both are tugging at me hardcore, and I'm a bit uncertain which I should focus on first. My biggest problem is trying to decide how/or what I want to do with the opening of BTPM. I've had mixed reactions to the first two chapters...ugh. Decisions decisions. I may have to try out a few things before I figure it out.

Okay, I'm going to stop grumpin' in public. (g)

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Cindy said...

Hi Jen!
mmm Pampered Chef. I love their stuff!

Sorry to hear about your slump, but forgive me if I don't spend much time worrying about ya. (G) You're a hard worker, and you'll pull it off! But go ahead and grumble, by all means! Virtual chocolate-bourbon-caramel cheesecake with pralines?