Monday, June 25, 2007

Urge To Skip

Well, big sis and I made it back home after visiting the g-parentals. It's been a very busy weekend, and I'm exhausted beyond belief. I swear, it's hard to go to class when I want to be a bum with sis. My sister says I've been a bum for six months, tho and that I need to get to work. LOL. She just doesn't understand what it takes to write a book...go to law with two neurotic dogs. :) Working, eh? Who needs to do that? Okay, so _I_ need to do that, but that's beside the point. Time enough for that after she leaves. (g)

Anywho, we're both very happy to be back in the land of internet...and yanno, electrical outlets. (My Gparents have _one_ outlet in their two upstairs bedrooms.) Yeah, we were dying and had to rush home to get a fix... both stopping to say hello to my fam for about 2 seconds before running to my room to plug in our hardware. (g)

I tried to work on my outline a bit this weekend, but kept getting things mixed up. I discussed everything over IM with Carol the other day, and wanted nothing more than to review my messages...but no archives. Blurgh. :) I blame it on being tired and plain confused. LOL. Oh well, my sister keeps playing some computer game, so that's when I'll steal away to work on it. Shouldn't be a problem, I hope. Now that I have my archives again, I should be up and running. Soon, very soon.

Dang it. Class soon.... go, Jen...just go.


Hélène B said...

Um..did you go to class?

I skipped most of second year. Probably why I failed Organic Chemistry.

Ugh! I feel your pain...

Jen said...


Yeah...I went, but I wasn't very happy about it. (g)