Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm Seriously Half-Dead

I wrote my last post at what...2 o'clock? Uh...yeah... the ideas kept coming until well after four. (g) Every time I closed my eyes, it seemed my characters wanted to have a little chat. I kept saying to myself... you'll remember this, just go to sleep. Then I'd get scared, get up and write it all down. Rinse and repeat for _two_ hours. How insane! I felt like there was this pool of ideas bubbling up all night... *And up from the ground came a bubbling crude!* Let's hope I have as much luck with these ideas as the Clampetts did with their oil! (g) (Gah, talk about a blast from the past!)

Anywho, my head is just one big dull aching pain right now. My eyes feel like they have sand in them... I have clss in an hour and I just don't wanna go. LOL. But, I'm extremely excited about the progress last night, and can't wait to tackle these ideas. Nothing is perfect yet, meaning I still have some holes to plug in... but man, good stuff (I hope)!


Hélène B said...

Ugh! I feel ya.

I on the other hand got to bed earlier than you--2 am. Only to be woken up at 3 because little M was looking for her blankie and at 5:30 because little C wanted cream on her toe, then at 6:30 by little M because she wanted to get up, then finally at 7:00 am for good.

Thank goodness they've been swimming most of the afternoon and all I have to do is watch.


Jen said...


ROFL...I love the image of a kid coming in when you're asleep... "Mommy, I need cream on my toe." :) That's too cute. Right now I only have my dogs, of course, their method of waking me up is to jump on my stomach, bark, and lick my face. Oh the joys. (g)