Thursday, June 7, 2007

*Feeble Wave*

Hey all. I know I've been pretty scarce the past few days. I've been working full-time and every night I've been busy. Let's just say that I'm not getting much sleep -- but I'm having fun. (g) (Yanno, when I'm not working. lol)

Tuesday night was my uncle's birthday -- so we went out to dinner to celebrate. Wednesday I went to the Tim McGraw concert... Okay, so Faith Hill co-headlined, but I can't say she made much of an impression on me after he appeared on stage. (g) No, honestly -- they were both great and such an adorable couple. Too cute for words. Then tonight I went to see the movie 300 again. A new theatre opened here -- they have couches and over-stuffed armchairs to sit in... a full bar... so cool. (g) We ordered a pizza and they brought it out to our couch for us. It was kind of fun to kick off my shoes and slouch down in a comfy seat while sipping a glass of cabernet and eating pizza. Plus Gerry.... COME ON. (g) It was a great time.

I've vowed that I'll buckle down after work tomorrow. School starts Monday (blurgh), so I want to get as much accomplished as possible. I had no idea this week would be this busy, so I feel a little bad about slacking on the ms's... but, what can ya do? I have nothing planned (so far), so hopefully I'll get some quality hours in.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a quick post to let ya'll know I'm still alive. (g)


Carol said...

Hi Jen,

That theater sounds too cool. How fun! I hope you get some rest this weekend so you can get back in the groove of things.

Hélène B said...

Hey Jen,

Glad you had a fun week-you deserve it.

That theatre sounds divine!