Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Oh what a crap week. (g) It has not gotten off to a good start.

But the good news is that Ruby Luebe got out of the hospital yesterday, and is hopefully on the mend. I'll be going back up there this weekend when my sister arrives, so I'll know more then.

Other than that... bad news for me. My car is going kaput. Okay, not really. Let's just say that it started making this weird chirping noise when I was driving to my gparents. Now, girls...NEVER EVER EVER do this. My uncle told me to take it in, and "it's making a weird chirping noise" was a surefire invitation for the car people to have a field day racking up the charges for little things that "need" to be done. OMG. The end total? Something like 2300 dollars for a little noise. LOL. HOLY COW. Yeah, we're going to take it somewhere else... the dealer is always twice the cost anyway. LOL...and some of that probably isn't 100% necessary. THANK GOD. Heck, some of it can be done at the Jiffy Lube, probably for a third of the cost. (g) I hate cars...

Hmmmm, other than that. This has NOT been my week to get work accomplished. I haven't finished that darned outline, but I'm VOWING to get as close to the end as I can today. Of course, it's 5 o'clock and I'm running out of time! ACK. Things are not going well. lol. I also have to come up with a paper topic for my class... blah.

One good thing is that I managed to get more than the first sentence on the short...about 150 words, actually. Hey, with only 5K to tell the story, that's a lot. (g) I've run it by a few people and it seems to be going over well...so YAY.

Hmmm, other news... my sister is coming on Saturday. So, it's a mad rush to get ready for her visit. That's exactly the reason I need to finish my outline tonight. I won't have time while she's here, and I really don't want to make D.A. wait until after she leaves. On that note, I should probably get to work. :)

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