Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich

Oh goodness, this is a sad, sad day. I'm vastly disappointed in Evanovich's latest... that makes two books in a row for her. Whatta bummer. Gah, has she lost her touch or have I outgrown the books? Either way, it sucks. (g)

Brief Synopsis: Dickie Orr, Stephanie Plum's ex-husband, goes missing, and she's the prime suspect in his possible murder. Throw in a couple of random FTA's and the usual cast of Lula, Ranger, Morelli, Grandma Mazur, etc...and complete mayhem ensues.

I'm sitting here wondering what was so disappointing about this book. I mean, I think I was with her up until about the last fifty pages or so... then it just felt all kinds of rushed, as she seemed to struggle to find an ending that resolved properly. It didn't, IMHO.

There were some really great laughs in there... complete with exploding rodents and "those f*ckers" (aka the cable company). Ranger was at his sexiest... Morelli dependable as always... Grandma Mazur and Lula insanity personified... so, why didn't I like it??

Simple, I just didn't. I don't know if it's because I've had plotting on the brain for the past couple of weeks -- being pushed fruther and further by D.A. -- or if it's because she's losing her edge. Either way, the plot seemed really weak to me... and well, like I said, the ending was rushed.

One of the main things I go back for is the triangle relationship... it's like a soap opera, and I need a fix... In this book, even that didn't move foward. She constantly dangles it like a yummy treat, and never delivers. I mean, NOTHING happened in this book -- on either front. How long can that go on? I tell ya, I find it's getting a little old.

So...I'm disappointed. HUGE bummer, let me tell ya.

Buy or Rent? Rent.


Carol said...

Hi Jen,

Wow. That's disappointing and surprising. I know how much you liked her as an author. One of the bad things about becoming a better writer yourself is you expect more from established authors. You'll have to discover a new author who will keep you riveted.

Jen said...


Yeah... I'm so disappointed. I mean, her books are never exactly...ummm, how should I say this? Well-written? LOL. But they're always entertaining. And this one was too... but the ending just didn't resolve anything. All through the book Ranger and Morelli were dangled in our faces... but nothing happened there. The end confrontation was just glossed over and I not once felt _scared_... and well, it was just a bummer. (g)

Oh to the next book in the pile. lol.