Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I _almost_ forgot today was the release date of Evanovich's LEAN MEAN 13. But I didn't! I picked it up with my grubby, eager little paws before B&N closed. Of course, I've vowed I won't crack it open until I finish my outline for FI. We'll see how I do... I love those books so. (g) I know people complain that Steph never grows as a character, but I think that's taking these books Waaaaaay too seriously. (g) They're meant to be fun and light...why analyze them so deeply? Anyway, had to share.

I also picked up the first book (actually two in one) in Tanya Huff's Blood Ties series. Call it curiosity. I'm generally amorous of anyone whose books are made into a TV show. Hey, I grew up in front of the tube... it's like this unfathomable dream to have my characters contained within the little boxes... too cool. A movie would be even better! (g)

And finally, I bought one of the Highlander books by Moning (I forget her entire name). I have no idea if they're good, but heard the female MC's are quite amusing. So, why not? I may not enjoy it, but that means I move on and DO NOT buy a second. :) One thing is pretty clear from everyone I've talked to... she ain't no Gabaldon. LIKE I really thought that was going to happen. LOL. Funny, I can't remember the title... they're all so similar, so I guess that's to be expected. Heh. Lots of reading to do, but first I must tackle this dang outline. I'm out.


Maggie said...

Karen Marie Moning. Which one did you pick up? Nope she's an entirely different sort of read from Gabaldon. The heroes are somewhat exaggerated, but still fun for those of us who have a thing for big braw men in kilts and the heroines tend to be spunky and entertaining. I just picked up another one of hers yesterday myself.

Jen said...


Oh heck, you made me look in The Bag.. LM13 is calling my name now. (g) Anywho -- It's The Immortal Highlander. Seems it doesn't matter what order you read them in? I got that one because my friend Jenna said Adam was a sexy bitch. (g)