Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Writing Process

As I'm waiting for word from D.A., I'm finding myself extremely bored and anxious. I perused my posts on this blog and realized I've never really done what I had hoped to do with this journal -- talk about my writing process and how _I_ write. Mostly you've been getting updates on my progress and an occasional rambling post about my schoolwork and/or dogs and family. (g) So, I plan to rectify that _right now_.

First of all, I want to begin by saying that nothing makes me laugh harder than a writer who posts about craft and declares themselves a master of a certain technique... For one, it's basically a dare for you to read their stuff and point out the things they're doing wrong... Secondly, when you've declared yourself a master of something, how do you know you're right? (g) Granted, there are some writers who have earned the "right" to talk about how things are done. However, they're pretty few and far between. That said, I in _no way_ think that the way I do things is the right way, or that you should listen to anything I say. (g) I'm simply going to throw out some things that work for me and hope that anything I say will be the smallest bit of help, or at the very least, a teensy bit interesting to you. I hope. (g)

Secondly, I'm not a person who studies craft. I'm not able to ramble on about terminology and techniques... I write by instinct. Whether or not I pull it off is another thing, but I'm not going to bog anyone down with semantics. The last writing class I took was composition in undergrad....goodness, that has to have been a good 10 years ago. (g) So, if you want technicals, I ain't your girl. ;) If you want a hands on approach, hopefully I can help. I'm admittedly a horrible teacher, so I will try my best.

If there are any topics you'd like covered, please, let me know. I'm going to post my email address in the sidebar...or you can simply reply to this post. I'm still trying to decide what to discuss first, but I hope to be back tonight with _something_.

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