Friday, May 11, 2007

Another Scene Bites The Dust

I've lost quite a few scenes tonight. But it's all looking _really_ good right now. I'm super excited. For those of you in the know, I managed to save the video game scene after sending it to the chopping block. I'm very happy about that. LOL. Score one for Jen! (g)

I feel like a surgeon -- slicing and dicing my baby. I'm pulling scenes from different areas of the book and melding them together like Frankenstein. But, hey...the more scenes I can utilize, the less rewrites I'll need to do. So, it's all good. I have one section where I took scenes from about 4 different chapters...and they're all going to flow together in the end. Crazy.

I've also started to write my outline, which is really more like a synopsis. I've never been very good at the bulleted things -- for me, it's easier to write in paragraph form. So, I'm going with it. If D.A. wants it in another format, I'll change it. But I really can't see why he'd argue with this -- it gives him a pretty good view of the entire book in an easily readable format. Okay, so I'm justifying, so sue me. (g) It's already close to four full pages... and I have probably about a third of the book to go through still. I would break it into chapters, but I have no clue how large some of the scenes will be and/or how the flow of the book will be affected by the new stuff.

At any rate, if I'm extremely lucky, I _may_ be able to send it out tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath. Monday is sounding more doable...but you never know. At any rate, I've been working for about 10 hours (yanno, with the occasional solitaire/IM/puppy break thrown I'm off to bed.


Carol said...

Hi Jen,
I'm glad to see it's all coming together. I'm still holding out hope for one of my favorite scenes to sneak back in between the pages. Until then, I look forward to reading the new version.

Jen said...


Thanks -- and trust me, all scenes cut (at least the humorous ones) will make their way into a book at some point. LOL. I worked too hard to just give up on them. (g) And -- like I said -- if I can work them back into this book, I will. After all, my finished book stands at 85K -- plenty of room. (g)