Monday, May 21, 2007

Tee-Hee! *rubbing her hands together*

I've printed out BTPM for my first official read through. Heck, so far I don't think I've read more than a couple of chapters together in one sitting. fun fun. :) I feel like a kid on her way to Disneyland. (g) Hope I'm still grinning like a fool when I step off the ride.

Hmmm, nothing else to report. No word from D.A. I've decided I'm going to start executing the revisions... Either I do that or I begin another book. I can't imagine trying to juggle three down the road. LOL. Even I have my limits. (g) Although...I must admit I'm itchin' to get started on WALKING IN SHADOW...or continue working on THE BRAEDEN. Gah, and then there's that short story...and NARC 2. Blah!! Too many books -- must focus. Right now that means reading BTPM. Wish me luck. :)


Rhonda said...


You finished another book! (Wiping brow) I am bowing in supplication. You are awesome. Mercy! Congratulations!


Jen said...


Thanks, girlie! I'm pretty shocked, too. (g) It's been a very busy year, but one of the best so far.

Glad to see you drop's your MS coming?