Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm Baaack!

Goodness -- it feels like I've been gone forever even though it was only overnite. LOL. At any rate, just a quick note before I crash. I didn't get a lot accomplished -- I always go with the best of intentions, but 15 adults, 3 children ranging in age from 2-9 and two crazy dogs in an itty bitty house makes life a bit nuts. When I finally got some time alone, I gave writing my best shot but unfortunately didn't get far. My actual word count is pretty embarrassing -- less than 150 last night, and nothing today. But considering how tired I was, I'm glad I got that much. And as a friend pointed out tonight -- at least the words I did manage are quite powerful. So, I guess that's something. :)

Oh, and I meant to write during the car ride.. Yeah, didn't quite work out. Chloe insisted on sitting on my lap the entire time, and between her and Bailey squawking about who would sit there... not to mention the whining every time we passed a field of cows (Chloe's obsessed with them), it was impossible to work. LOL. Oh well.

Tomorrow the real work begins. I'm putting myself on a schedule from here on out. (g)

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