Monday, May 28, 2007

I Know I Must Be Crazy

So, I've decided to step away from both of my wips for the evening...possibly for the next couple of days, to do some critting. I think I need to sort of clear my head and come back with a fresh outlook... I hate revisions, have I mentioned that? (g) I'm sure it's just an attempt to postpone the inevitable, but critting means I can post my chapters.. Posting my chapters means most of my typos will be found... my awkward sentences pointed out... It's all good. I don't really plan on reposting FI at this point, but you never know.

At any rate, I spent the past 4-5 hours critting. I'm beat and my eyes are blurry. (g)

OHH! (Change of subject coming!) I LOVED POTC3, btw. Great movie -- well worth the outrageous duckets they're charging to get into the theatre these days. (g) (Gah, I sound like my 85 year old grandfather. *warbly voice* "I remember back in the day when it cost $5.00 to go to the picture show.") Can you tell it's late? Anyway, I've never really been an Orlando Bloom fan (other than as Legolas in LOTR), but MAN was he HOT in this movie. *fans herself* Yeah, he alone is worth my eight bucks. (g)

Anyway, I thought the movie was much better than the second one. I'm torn on which I like more between the first and the third...hmmm. Yeah, can't decide. Anyway, it was great -- very funny, but not in that, we're-going-to-cash-in-on-every-laugh-we-got-in-the-original-movie kind of way. It wasn't forced...just well-earned laughter. :) IF you haven't seen it... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Oh, and ration your liquids. That puppy is three hours long... take it from the girl who had to dash to the restroom during the big finale. (g) I hate it when that happens.

Okay, clearly I need to get some sleep.


Beth said...

I hope you stayed through the credits to see the epilogue scene.

Oh, and that part near the end where he's kissing her leg?

That's one of the sexiest film moments I've seen in a looong time. Hauling off clothes and slavering over one another does not a sexy scene make. That leg scene, while very understated in execution, was way hot in impact.

Jen said...


Ah, yes... that leg kiss _was_ sooooo sexy. I actually have a scene where one of my male Mc's lays a kiss on Maddy's knee... for some reason it just _really_ worked for me... much better than a sex scene, imho. (g)

And yes -- saw the ending scene. *sigh* (g)