Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Quick Hello And Goodbye!

I'm heading out of town in about an hour -- will be gone until tomorrow night. Anyway, I really don't have anything to report. Yesterday was completely chaotic, and I didn't have a single minute to work on writing/revisions. However, I plan to utilize my pen and paper on the ride to my grandparents. :) It's definitely time to commit my ideas about FI to paper and maybe -- work on BTPM and that new ending. I'm actually itching to write that, so that might be the easier choice given my limited medium during the ride. (g)

The good news is that the whole powercord/lack of receipt/statements worked itself out. I went in and gave them my phone number -- no, no, he doesn't need to see my ID or credit card. WTF? Gah, how frustrating. At any rate -- the missing statements/receipts still haven't shown up. I'm hopeful I'll run across them as I clear out my room (I'm boxing up some books and stuff to move down to the basement). At any rate, they gave me a new warranty receipt, etc. That sucker will be well-guarded. (g)

Anyway -- like I said, nothing to report. (g) I'll be back Sunday night -- having made some progress, I hope. That would be weird, eh? :) Have a good weekend!

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