Friday, May 25, 2007


I read through BTPM finally. I started the other day, but thought it was reading crappy. Usually that means I'm too tired or irritable to be objective, so I put it down and walked away. Today I picked it up again and FLEW through it. I loved it. :) Granted, there are some rough patches, but overall it read really well.

The ironic thing is that I think I have the same problem with BTPM that I had with FI... prolly to a lesser extent, but it's still there. I tend to drop small clues about the ending, and then have this BIG finale that sort of...sneaks up on ya. LOL. With both, I need to go back in and amp up the tension in the early chapters.

Maybe it's me...but I think it can be better. Of course, the thought of revisions...*gag gag gurgle die* LOL. I hate 'em SOOOO much. Oh well, maybe someday, with enough practice, I'll grow to love them. (right!)

I'm itching to start WALKING IN SHADOW... bad. I'm already picturing the opening scene... oh man, in my mind, it's pretty intense. We'll see if I can translate it to the page. Yanno, I think I need to split my time between revisions and new work. Revisions just depress me...and I need to feel that I'm moving forward with _something_. We'll see. (g)

Tonight I'm going to see POTC3. Let me tell you, after the big disappointment of Spiderman 3, I really hope it's good. S3 sucked in my opinion. LOL. They tried WAY too hard to get a laugh, and parts of it reminded me of The Mask.... which I hated. Yeah, huge letdown. At any rate, I'm trying to watch POTC2 before I go... a little refresher course of sorts. (g)


Jenna said...

Why didn't you tell me you were going to see POTC!?!?

I went last night and then again tonight...isn't that a shocker? *grins* Mmmm, I love my Jack.

Jen said...

Jenna, did I know you would've gone a couple of times already? I actually guessed you'd have seen it three times by now. What's the hold up? (g)

MAN... that was a _great_ movie. It's the first one I've seen in quite a while where I left completely satisfied... so funny and man, those three hours FLEW by. :) I'm going again when my sister comes to town next month... maybe before then, too. lol Orlando Bloom looked _yummy_. And I'm not an Orlando fan -- well, not since LOTR. (g) Mmm.