Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Coming Together

I have quite a few new bits worked out for my revisions. I'm actually going to change a big chunk of my ending, which I didn't see coming until I was showering this morning. LOL. Here's to shower epiphanies. (g) One of my friends said I come up with the best ideas when I'm either asleep or showering. Go figure. (g) Of course, I don't know what that says for my fully alert, trying to think it out, creativity. (g) Oh well -- I'll take what I can get. I actually have the best ideas when I'm not even thinking about the book -- yeah, weird.

I'm hoping to finish up the last bits tonight -- then I'll write it all out and send to D.A. I really hope he likes this. It's going to take a while to do the revisions, but hopefully they'll be worth it. I think they will be. With each new idea, I'm becoming more and more excited.

In other news -- my poor lil' Chloe sprained her shoulder. We haven't a clue how she did it, but she started limping a couple of days ago. We figured she just thwapped her paw against something and she'd be okay. Yesterday, she stepped down into the garage (one step) and cried out as it sort of twisted beneath her. We whisked her off to the vet -- and she's now on doggie drugs. LOL. It's sad though -- cuz she wants to play, but she can't. Then today, she chased after the UPS man (who delivered my power cord!!! YAY!!!) and is _really_ limping now. They should've put some valium in her daily meds.. keeping that dog down is a challenge.

That put a bit of a cramp in my revisions time, but family comes first. :)

Oh, on a sidenote... I'm hoping to attend the Surrey Writer's Conference this October. They run a few writing contests, one being a 5K short story contest judged by none other than Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte. I think I read the prize is a thousand dollars. *big eyes* LOL. Anyway, I think if I can swing the conference, I'm going to give it a go. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had a new idea spring up -- I'm going to shoot to condense it into a short story that can later be expanded into a full-sized novel. I _think_ I can do it, and I'm super excited to give a short story a try. As you all know, I'm rather wordy. (g) It'll be a huge challenge and I really look forward to it. So, that's percolating in the back of my mind... but revisions come first.

I'll admit, I'm itching to write something new. Granted, once I nail down my ideas for FI, I'm going to have plenty of writing to do. LOL. I've cut some big chunks and will have to add quite a bit. In a way, it's just as exciting as the first draft -- even more so on some levels. I mean, I know these characters really well now, so I can play with them a little more and rework things to make them even better. Or if there are parts that bugged me, I can just snip them right out and start fresh. I'm allowed that opportunity now -- because so much is changing and I don't have to freak out about ripple effects, etc.

At any rate -- back to work.


Hélène B said...

Yay! for shower epiphanies! LOL

Sorry Chloe hurt herself, sending doggy ((hugs))

Good luck with revisions :-)

Hélène B

Jen said...


Aww...thanks. My uncle took both pups out to the dog run WITH firm orders to keep Chloe on a leash the entire time. She won't be happy about that, but it's better than being left behind in favor of the new wicked step-sister. (g) I'll be sure to give her a big hug when she gets back.

And yay -- shower epiphanies are the best, aren't they? (g) Revisions are going better now, so I'm glad about that. They seemed insurmountable when I began because I write off the cuff. This thinking ahead stuff is HARD. LOL. Yesterday, I came up with very little -- but now it seems to be coming together. I think my brain needed time to marinate.

There's still a bit to get through, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. :)