Monday, May 14, 2007

Fly Baby, Fly!

I sent off the outline/synopsis. I simply couldn't wait any longer. It's winging its way as I type. Here's hoping D.A. likes it...*eeeeeee*

Oh...and YAY!!!!!!! It's finished. :)


Carol said...

Hey Jen,

Congratulations on finishing the outline. I can't believe, yes, I can, you sent it off already. I bet you were a trip as a little kid.

I wondered if you were going to try and tackle the ending of BTPM while you wait to hear back from DA, but he tends to run at the same tempo as you, so my guess is, you won't have time.

Either way, it was great following along with you, and let me know what he says. eeeeeeee!

Hélène B said...

Good luck, Jen!!

Fingers crossed X

Susan Adrian said...

Yay, Jen!!

Jen said...


Yeah, I'm definitely going to try and tackle the ending of BTPM. I just need to get that scene out of my head. (g) Right now I feel like my head weighs a ton -- groggy and just plain ole' tired. (g) Oh well, guess that's what I get for guzzling a billion and one Pepsi's yesterday to stay awake. I'm crashing. lol.

I will definitely keep everyone updated. It's such a crazy process, isn't it? I guess the experience is unique to each person...but man, I wish I had a roadmap. (g)


Jen said...


Thanks!! *nervous* (g)


Jen said...


Thanks! :) What a crazy life this is. lol. Oh well, if I didn't feel completely off kilter most of the time, things wouldn't be "right" in life. (g)