Thursday, May 24, 2007

Help Needed!

I need everyone to help me give a big ole' internet kick in the butt to my friend Jenna. (g) Jenna is a great writer, but she never seems to sit down and actually...yanno...write. LOL. I want to read her completed GIRL....GET A MOVE ON!!!

Anywho...I thought it might be fun to list our top ways of procrastinating... maybe if enough of them ring a bell with her, she'll put it into gear. :)

1. Solitaire!! OMG...I use it to avoid listening in class, to "prepare" myself for writing... Gah. And Jenna, I KNOW you do that Pogo stuff! :)

2. TV -- I'm the first to admit that I love trash TV. Okay, I'm not going to name off all of the shows I will distract myself with...but some are on VH1 and have a lot of flavor. (g)

3. Catching up on TV shows I miss by watching them on the computer. LOL. Yeah, I'm pathetic.

4. Naps -- girl, you know your butt takes a nap every day. If you fail to take one, you know it's out of the norm. (g)

5. Reading blogs/threads on the forum/surfing the net. Yeah, don't get me started. Although, as of late I haven't had nearly as much time to peruse the web. Heck, I haven't been on most of my haunts in over a month. I consider your YouTubing to fall under this, btw. (g) Not to mention your fanfic reading.

6. Writing on my blog/LJ. Yeah, 'nuff said.

7. Critting -- oh man, critting can take up SOOO much time. I know you learn a lot from doing it, but man, MY writing _should_ come first.

8. Checking my email. LOL. Okay, this has been amped up since I've been dealing with D.A.... well, with the query process as a whole.

9. Checking the mail -- see above re: query process. Man, I'm a nervous wreck waiting for responses. :)

10. Reading -- yeah, I need to do it, but not ALL the time and not to the detriment of my writing time.

Okay, I'll stop at ten...though I'm sure I could go on for quite a while. (g) It's actually pretty amazing that I get anything done.... If I could harness all of my time spent doing useless things, I'd seriously be rockin' the books. lol

YOUR turn. Help me deliver that boot to her ass. :)


Carol said...

Hi Jen,
I wondered about Jenna's writing. She gives us a tease about not telling us what her work is about and then doesn't write. MEAN!

Procrastination. Okay, I'm game. You knew I would be though, now didn't you?

1. Finding things around the house that need to be done.(How badly do they really need to be done?)
2. Work.(Can't get around that one.)
3. Doing things for other people.
4. Telephone. (How do you get off when someone keeps talking?)
5. Since DWTS and Lost is finished, I can't really use that one anymore.
6. Cooking. As my writing time increases, we have more leftovers.
7. Networking with other writers to keep my name afloat.
8. Research and 'formulating' ideas in my mind. *wink, wink*
9. Handholding and encouraging others. (I don't apologize for this one. It is necessary.)
10. Fear of sucking. (Aren't we all, or at least, shouldn't we be?)

Now I'm depressed. Shove over, Jenna and pass the cheetos.

Susan Adrian said...


LOL--I'm so immersed in the Jenna that is my MC that I was a little confused when I started reading this post. {bg}

Fortunately or unfortunately (both), I know that I only have the lunch-hour time most days to write. So I can't afford to procrastinate. Every once in a while, though, a little Spider Solitaire or blog reading gets into that first 15 minutes...

Susan Adrian said...

Oh, and you do kick ass on the writing already, duh. :)

Jen said...


Ah yes, the fear of sucking. How could I forget that one? These past couple of days, THAT has been the reason I haven't done anything. I started to read BTPM, but I was just in the wrong frame of mind, waiting for word...not knowing where I stand... it all sorta piled up until every word I read was sucking big time in my mind. Hopefully, I'll snap out of it and I can get you out of the handholding stage. (g)

Thanks for your contribution... I tell ya what... The day I'd rather clean or do something around the house than write... that will be a sad day. (g)


Jen said...


Thanks for jumping in. Yanno, I've always considered my solitaire addiction to be a way to stretch my brain and wake it up. It's only when I find myself still playing two hours later that I realize I have a problem. (g)

Goodness. You can only write during your lunch hour? Kudos to you for being so disciplined. I've barely booted up and stretched my brain in that time. (g) It's the second hour that I start rolling, having checked all the blogs, threads, etc. LOL. Yeah, I waste a lot of time. (g)

And thanks for the kick ass comment. :)


Jenna said...

Wow, thanks a lot Jen. I didn't think you took our conversation seriously, but yeah lol.

I'll have you know, I actually opened up some of the random scenes for Psychic and *gasps* did a bit of writing BEFORE I even read this, so ha!

You definitely have some good points though, but I'm with Carol now that DWTS (and AI) is over, I won't be watching half as much television...although Ghosthunters starts in June *dances*.

Eh, but I really do want to get back into writing. I was actually reading through some of the things I've already written and I actually think they're much better than I originally thought...hope I'm not sounding like a certain someone(s).

Anywho, thanks for the kick in the butt. I really feel the love.

Jen said...

Hey Jenna,

Is your ass sore? (VBG)

And YAY on you writing something today. That's awesome! I keep thinking _how far_ you are and how little time it would take you to actually finish the blasted thing. YOU CAN DO IT!!

If I can help at all, you know I'll cheer ya on. :)

And ohhhh... Ghosthunters is starting again? You'll have to remind me what day/time it's on. LOL.


Maggie said...

Oy, let me count the ways...

1) Blogging in one of my FOUR different blogs
2) Reading other people's blogs
3) Email
4) Chat...I love chat...
5) Walking my dogs (which means I'm really hitting a wall because exercise is not my favorite form of procrastination)
6)Working on some OTHER WIP instead of the one I mean to focus on
7) Watching accumulated episodes of my favorite shows on DVR
8) Reading...although that's not always bad.
9) Day jobs...they suck but are necessary
10) Cleaning house (which was also a big favorite during exam time and when paper due dates were looming in school)

I could go on, but I'll stop...

Jen said...


Ahh, yes. You brought up a great one -- starting a new wip. LOL. I think that's something everyone leans toward doing when they're having a tough day with their current wip. I had 2-3 ideas well up during fall semester finals. LOL. Oh man, they're good for procrastination. :)

And how could I have forgotten IM'ing?? I do that all day. (g) I can usually get a lot of work done at the same time, but definitely as of late.

I really need to get back in the groove. (g)