Monday, October 1, 2007

The Stars Weren't Aligned

Too many unexpected distractions this weekend -- plus a big snag with that big ol' scene I was trying to merge into the MS... *sigh* I won't be finished on time. Blah! BUT, the good news is that I've gotten past that scene -- heading into old territory next. It's a HUGE accomplishment as far as I'm concerned. Sure, the scene isn't perfect yet, but dang it, I think it's looking pretty good after the final tweaks I made tonight.

Plus I tied up the last bits I had left hanging... *sigh* There are a couple of moments in there that give me the chills. :) More importantly, I made Jenna like Ty again. ;) She even said he might surpass Drew for her affections. LOL. Amazing.

At any rate, IF I'm really diligent, I may be able to finish the revisions in the next day or two... fingers crossed. It may not happen, but I'm seriously happy with where I stand right now. I've worked hard.

Anyway, I'll try to dig up a line/snip that isn't too much of a spoiler. (g) Been a while since I posted one.

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