Saturday, October 20, 2007

*Feeble Wave*

I'm exhausted! LOL. I spent a good portion of last night beta-reading for a friend. I'm about half way through her book, and I hope to finish it up tonight or early tomorrow. Then I have just one more to read. Not sure I'll get to it this weekend, as I really want to get a good chunk of BTPM cleaned up and ready to go. Bless her heart, I have a reader bribing me with goodies and recipes to help get my creative/inspiration juices flowing. I hate to keep her waiting, so I'm hurrying as best I can. This friend has waited a number of weeks for me to get to her MS, though... so I really need to work on that.

I have Monday off for Fall Break. (woohoo!) So, there's a lot of time available as long as I kick my butt into gear. I'm a little sad that this weekend is Surrey... but I'm trying to keep it happy, though I couldn't attend. The weather is beautiful here.. the leaves are changing colors... oranges, yellows, and reds...and all shades in between. *Takes a deep lungful of the crisp air* Lovely.

I've sent out the official Halloween Party Invite on the forum... Darcy and Ben are excited to get the ball rolling next weekend... I'll admit it's been a lot of fun preparing. I've decided to set the book here in Lincoln. SCARY. It's much easier to place a book in a city you're not familiar with. Not in the details, but in the responsibility to get things JUST right. lol. At any rate, I've found Darcy's house and figured out where she lives in the city... fun stuff. I hope lots o' people show up for the party... always fun.

Oh, and Thursday was HELL. I got up around 530, went to school at 1030, and didn't come home until 9 that night. BLAH. But as my fam was out for the evening, I stopped at a drive-thru to get dinner. The girl working the window completely reminded me of Darcy and sparked a few ideas to flesh her out as a character. Really exciting when things like that hit you when you're least expecting them. If I'm lucky, I'll have FI finished by the end of December and be able to begin working in earnest on The Presence. I'm psyched like you wouldn't believe. I even have plans to talk to one of my aunt's friends who knows a lot about the high schools here in Lincoln. So, even though I'm busy with other things, I'm still thinking about all the projects I have in the works. Gah, I love writing.

Okay, off to clean the house. (joy)


Precie said...

LOL! Take a breath, woman! And get some semblance of sleep!

On the flip side, does this schedule mean that you'll, by any chance, have some free time after December to beta-read another YA? ;)

Deniz Bevan said...

Hi Jen! The map link you sent to Darcy's house didn't work...

Jen said...


LOL...we'll see. (g) And yes, today I took a good break. No class, and a super headache. I've been watching eps of Ghost Hunters and Heroes all day. Slacker to the max. :)


Jen said...


Looks like you made it in finally. Weird... I tested it and everything. lol