Thursday, October 25, 2007


I met my word count goal AND finished THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE tonight. Woohoo. I'll do a review when I get an opportunity.

Getting back into FI is a little strange. I'm trying to capture the feel of it again. Right now the scenes I'm working on seem to have a more serious tone -- it's so weird. I'm dying to lob a one-liner somewhere, but I can't really work them in. Tomorrow I'll have to work on something lighter. (g) I need Maddy's snark to come out again.

At any rate, I got my words in! Whoot!


Precie said...

I'd love to see your review of The Time Traveler's Wife!

Jen said...


LOL -- I may put it up tonight. I've already decided I need to try a different format for this one. (g)

Goodness....I have 6 reviews to do now. *bangs head* I feel like I'm slacking on my homework. (g)