Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

Today, a friend and I realized what true internet junkies we are. We have all but one class together this semester and decided to grab some lunch between our 1030 and 1pm classes... The first gets out at 1145... so for us non-math people, that's exactly one hour and fifteen minutes.

Jen: So, what sounds good today?

Friend: Hmmm...somewhere with internet.

Jen: (throws out a bunch of ideas, but most are sit down places and we're afraid we won't get back in time)

Friend: Burger King has internet, but I hate BK.

Jen: Yeah...

Jen & Friend: Hmmm.

Jen: Well, it _is_ only an hour... surely we'll be okay without our email.

Friend: *deep sigh* Yeah.

Jen: We're pathetic.

Friend: Yeah.

LOL. Okay, it wasn't nearly that pathetic...but dang close!


Nathan Bransford posted his short-list on opening paragraphs. Whatever the reason, I feel completely inadequate after seeing his choices. (1) Because none of them really jumped out at me -- at all. (2) None of my openings are even close in scope to the ones he chose (3) He actually took a swipe at the authors (there's five of them -- he did a search) who used some form of "the last thing I expected to be doing" in their opening lines. As FI opens with a version of that, it stung a bit. Made me want to scream through my computer, "Well, DA LIKES IT!!! NYUH!" (g) (4) I really thought my short stood a good I'm thinking maybe it's far from being as good as I thought... insecurities...insecurities...insecurities. Yeah, it was supposed to be fun, but I feel blah about the whole thing now.

Whatever. *sulks* (g)


I'm up next for the group novel on the forum. I have to say this -- I'm totally overwhelmed by the prospect of trying to add on to this particular story. It began as a sci-fi...turned into some contemp about a guy who kills people/birds with his mind...and now it has a detective/thriller/sci-fi feel to it (Oh!! And they're supposed to go to Costa Rica!) It's not what I consider paranormal. At all -- on any level. Frankly, I haven't a clue where to take it next. I had hoped to write about ghosts and the like...something light and fun...but am now faced with trying to follow up chapters heavy on exposition and description, not to mention scenes that are very dark... not my kind of writing. If you hadn't noticed by now. (g) My chapter is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Yes, I will be pounding my head on the wall over this one. Many times.


The houseparty starts tomorrow! YAY. I can't wait. Dude, give me a simple tale of ghosts and ghoulies anyday. It's a relief, but I still need to write my opening scene, etc... AND figure out what both Darcy and Ben REALLY look like. Right now they're sort of these shadowy figures with blurred features... a few things are sticking out. For instance, I think Ben is a red head. Nothing fiery and all crazy... but subtle, dark... hmmm, we'll see. He isn't totally in focus yet. Darcy is a brunette, thin, stunning dark blue eyes with thick lashes.. Yeah, she's getting there.

Anyway, I'm excited to get the ball rolling on this one.


I finished SOME NERVE last night. I'm letting it sit for a while before I do my review. I'm hoping to squeeze in that second beta read I have in the queue. We'll see how it goes. I have to prepare for my winetasting -- go shopping, make dessert, set up the table... it's a lot of work. LOL. Plus I need to find Chloe a costume so she and Bailey can be cute little co-hostesses. In the true nature of little sisters the world round, Bailey is getting a hand-me-down from Chloe. (g) I'll post pics some time in the next few days.

I need to write double my daily word goal tonight. I didn't finish reading last night until way late, and my eyes had started hurting by then. Headache galore.

Anyway, LOTS to do.

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